We are under 10 months away from the most dramatic home health payment changes in the last 20 years… are you READY?

While you may have been busy getting your ops team prepared, the bigger question is… is your sales team in alignment with PDGM?

Some industry experts are reporting upwards of 30% of home health agencies will be out of business in the next 3-5 years. Do NOT be one of them. It's time to create your strategy in preparation for the changes. 

During this webinar, you will discover:

  • Account Mix Magic: Which accounts are “hot” and which are “not" to give you maximum reimbursements
  • Diagnoses for the WIN: Now more than ever, your patient conditions will determine your fate. Arm your sales reps with the right tools to have your targeted patient types pour into your agency.
  • Dazzling Data: Data-driven growth strategies will give you insight and help you make informed decisions to identify your top strategy.

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About Home Care Sales

Home Care Sales believes in a better approach for delivering health care to patients who are suffering with aging and chronic illness in their homes. Sales representatives are crucial at identifying those who can have home health, hospice or home care. Home Care Sales wants to educate as many people as possible, so the greatest amount of patients can get home-based programs and achieve a higher quality of life. For more information, visit homecaresales.com.